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If you (and/or anyone you know) have entered into a home mortgage between the years 2001 and 2008 you are almost certainly one of the millions of victims of a massive, cold, calculating fraud. 

Your home loan documents are not even worth the paper they were written on, yet people are being cheated out of their home ownership every single day right across our Nation. 

The Government’s answer is to flood the economy with new Dollars and to reward the crooks by bailing them out.  The media keeps telling us to negotiate with our lenders and the Government is on the same bandwagon.   

This orchestrated scam involving Trillions of Dollars is directly responsible for the international financial crisis gripping America and the rest of the world.   Our reasons for publishing Fight Fraudulent Foreclosures go beyond just getting individual homes back, although that is a major objective.  

Do not believe anything you have read, seen or heard, irrespective of its source that suggests that our Nation’s  current problems are just the result of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.  You owe it to yourself and your family to read every word on this page and take advantage of the special introductory offer to purchase our comprehensive e-book. 

Please understand that we totally empathize with everyone who has been a victim of this outrageous scam.  Nobody knows better than the author of this e-book what it is like to be an innocent victim trying to cope with the pressures of life caused by the bad guys having the resources to turn the might of the legal system against us.   They, the foreclosure specialist Companies that have grown up during this financial crisis and the unprincipled Attorneys who represent them knowingly forge and falsify documents and commit perjury day in and day out to complete their victimization of innocent people. 

You see, Guys, because we don't know what they know, they are able to use the law against us because they know they can wear us down, frighten us and drain us of every cent they can get their hands on.   They get away with this because we are uninformed and believe we cannot fight them.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

I felt that way also, initially.  The shock of realizing that you are likely to lose your home causes depression as surely as night follows day.  Our troubled minds become completely full of negatives and we struggle to find the answer to simple, everyday questions that we had previously taken for granted.  

I have had people contact me and say things like, “I am more concerned with finding somewhere to rent, or how to earn enough money to put food on my family’s table than investing in a book that might help me at some time in the future.”  

To encourage the first 100 sales we have discounted the book to $29.97 from its regular price of $39.97 and offer a re-selling agreement.  Sell only three of these to others in distress and you will own it for free.

How many times have you spoken with your lender or an Attorney and hung up the phone more confused than when you first made the call?  By reading our book you will be able to have those conversations and know when they aren't giving you the entire truth.

It is a fact that ‘free’ information can be obtained from the Internet and we encourage our readers to expand their knowledge by referring them to sites we believe are helpful.   However, beware of the ‘free’ sites that have an end objective of getting you to enter into future business with them.   Our objectives are to provide education that our readers can use.  We are not using the ‘free’ information as a tool. 

You will rapidly learn how to go about the important job of selecting and coping with the costs of hiring an Attorney.  Not all Attorneys have the benefit of the detailed training now available to those who seriously see the business opportunity for their law firms and the potential success for their clients by fighting the battle to win.   

  • First, understand the bank that you believe owns your Promissory Note and Mortgage does not own them.  You will quickly learn why this means you already own your home ‘free and clear’ and what options are open to you.   
  • If you have been served with foreclosure papers, the bank claiming the right to take your home or investment property away from you almost certainly does not own it.
  •  If the bank claims to be acting on behalf of another bank or Trustee of a Securitized Trust, it does not have a cause of action against you.
  • If you are already in the foreclosure process you need help and fast!  As they say ‘Time is of the Essence!’  This book is designed to guide you in taking the initial steps to halt the automatic process that will eventually lead to your eviction.  The initial steps can cost you nothing and buy you the time you need to plan your way forward.  (Yes please etc click here)
  • The original loan transaction is almost certainly fraudulent and irrespective of whether or not you are in default, foreclosure or have already lost your home you probably have a cause of action against whichever bank you are making your payments, or a defense against whoever is seeking to foreclose against you. 
  • Reading and understanding ‘Fight Fraudulent Foreclosures, How to Fight the Banks and Win’ will empower you to start taking steps towards owning your home free and clear and potentially collecting sums beyond your wildest dreams in damages.    
  •  Please understand that all the publicity you are reading, hearing and watching imploring you to negotiate with your lender is probably the worst advice possible.  
  • Ask yourself a simple question!  ‘If my present Note and Mortgage constitute a fraudulent and unenforceable transaction, why would I want to re-negotiate a new debt and payment plan having the full force of law behind it?   
  • Almost all mortgage loans established between the years 2001 to 2008 violated over a dozen Statutory Acts plus over twenty causes of action.  A cause of action is legal speak for ‘a case to sue for damages and get your home free and clear.’    
  • If you have filed for bankruptcy based upon legal advice you may have a case to sue the law firm for damages.
  • One large law firm routinely acting for banks on foreclosure cases recently had damages awarded against them for abuse of legal process of $2.15 million.   
  • Another law firm seeking clients for a class action suit against that same law firm for alleged abuse of process had 1319 potential clients before advertising for more.  
  • Banks and Attorneys acting for them routinely claim to have lost Notes when filing foreclosure lawsuits and seek co-operation of a Judge to issue a new Note.  They are lying!  This is fraud! It is simple to stop these foreclosures dead in their tracks!
  • Consider the fact that over 40% of the Promissory Notes collected during the period 2001-2008 have since been  deliberately destroyed by banks to conceal the truth from Wall Street investors who thought they were purchasing secure investments. We tell you how to find out if yours was one of them.   
  • Over the coming year the conspiracy to defraud homeowners will be thrown to its knees, and lenders will be called upon to prove ownership of the Note or let the property go. 
  • Precedent setting Court Orders have already been issued in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Ohio and other states have already decided in favor of the homeowners – with more following daily.  You will learn why this is important to you. 
  • Do not be fooled by the notion that if you borrow money, you must pay it back or suffer the consequences. 
  • It is a fact that nobody knows who legitimately owns your Note and Mortgage and if you continue to pay the institution demanding payments or allow them to foreclose on your property they will almost certainly keep the money on the grounds that they do not know to whom to pay it.
  • It is also a fact that the bank who originally posed as your lender was almost certainly not the real lender and the securitization process will have made the fraudsters obscene profits on your home loan, possibly even before you entered into the transaction.
  • We keep up to date with developments on a daily basis and consult with some of the finest specialist Attorneys, whose numbers are increasing at an exponential rate.  We also have information obtained from an ex senior Vice President of a large bank that we have drawn on in producing our book.  
  • One leading Attorney came out of retirement for no other reason than to educate his fellow Attorneys as to how they can profit from working on a no-win-no-fee basis (they call it working on a Contingency) and put Trillions of Dollars back in the pockets of the people to regenerate the economy.
  • All across the Nation families are losing their homes because they do not understand their options, believe they cannot afford to fight the predator banks, or just plain received inadequate professional advice.  Meanwhile one in four homeowners are underwater, believing they owe more on their Mortgages than the depreciating value of their homes. 
  • Imagine the power of knowing how to go about getting to own your home free and clear without paying the predatory bank any more money.  (yes please click here)
  • For all of the above reasons and many more we have researched and produced a comprehensive e-book.  The value of this information is incalculable.  It could be worth up to millions of dollars and will at least put our readers in a position of knowledge with details which prove beyond doubt that everything we say on this page and more is true.
  • You will learn what the author of the book has done to personally protect property interests and how to proceed to protect your own.  The investment of $39.97 is a modest one considering the value of the information it contains.  If you buy within the next 48 hours and are among the first 100 customers you can take advantage of a special introductory offer of $27.77 and qualify as a re-seller of the product.

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Yes please, I want to take advantage of your special introductory offer and to enroll as a re-seller of the product.

The fact is that almost all of the banks foreclosing on homes do not own them and that people are losing their homes when they actually already own them ‘free and clear.’  Instead of losing their homes, their equity and their self-respect they should be collecting massive damages caused by knowingly frivolous lawsuits, but nobody has told the homeowners the truth.  All the talk has been about Government Bail Outs, lining the pockets of Wall Street fat cats and re-negotiating the terms of mortgages with lenders.  But nobody knows who the lender on any particular mortgage is.  What is clear is that whoever claims to own it is almost certainly not its owner. 

Most people were brought up to be responsible, to pay their bills on time. They were brought up to feel a sense of pride when they can do this. I know for me that when the bills come in and I have the money to pay for them with a little extra at the end of the month I feel a sense of accomplishment. However with the economy the way it is and the reckless lending done in part by the mortgage companies (which we will explain in the book) and the lack of understanding of these mortgage documents many people have fallen short of their ability to make these ends meet.

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We will also explain how the lenders were ignoring various underwriting standards in order to get more loans to go through for the sole purpose to get more loans in their portfolio to service. Once they got these loans through they sold them off to the big Wall Street Investment Companies who then sold them off as Asset Backed Securities. So you must ask the question, "Who owns the Note and Mortgages?" *These two points are instrumental when defending your foreclosure.

We will walk you through the process by which these mortgages are set up and sold off. We will show you what paperwork you can submit to the courts to halt the foreclosure and where you can get it.   We will show you actual Court Cases of what Attorneys are doing to help people in foreclosure. The book is not intended to give legal advice, however the information contained in the book will give you enough ammunition in the beginning to throw a large wrench into the automatic legal process, if it has already started. 

Most of all we will give you hope and an understanding that this was not your fault!  I want to emphasize that last point!  This was not your fault! Because most people do not understand the legal process and are scared to death when a Summons is served upon them (Sometimes not on the parties involved, which is illegal and we will explain in the book) they ignore it and think it will just go away. I know I have done that!  We will explain how the legal process works in favor of the Plaintiff when there is no response filed by the defendant. We will give you links to websites which will provide you with videos of former employees of the banks or the mortgage servicers explaining the irresponsible behavior of the executive management of these lenders concerning the setup and servicing of these mortgages.

In addition to helping you understand that you do have options in dealing with your own personal situation we want to create a movement that grows rapidly in size, create messages to the Government, the new Administration and our present and new Senators and Congressmen about what we the people, expect them to do.   The bailouts are so far not working and it is my belief that the Government knows that they will not work.    Already the talk is of more, but no indication that the money is headed for the people, only more for failed institutions who have raped their customers and every opportunity.  

We have done the research so you don't have to. I personally have spent hundreds of hours on my computer putting together the information we compiled to put into this book. We know that new laws are going to be coming out, especially with this being an election year, and we will be updating the information contained in this book when any of this happens.
We want our readers to know first and foremost that we are fully committed to giving you the reader the most up to date information when that information is available.

We truly want the reader to believe that there is HOPE!! It is not the end of the world but perhaps the beginning of something that could put you back on your feet. No more worrying about where you are going to rest your head at night. I remember seeing a commercial where the Husband and Wife are texting each other and the subject was about friends of theirs having to move in with their kids. OUCH!! I believe that is what the response was.

Below are just a couple of headlines from newspapers of people or attorneys acting on behalf of a borrower fighting these foreclosures. (These will be included in the book in detail)

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Still not convinced that you need this information filled e-book,  consider the following questions:

    If you answered “no” to the first question and “Yes” or “Don’t Know” to at least two of the rest you definitely will benefit from the book! 

    •       Did you fully understand the papers you signed at the closing table
    •         Was your mortgage a re-finance
    •       Were you solicited to re-finance or buy a home
    •      Could you have been a victim of ‘reverse redlining’
    •        Are you in foreclosure, pre foreclosure or behind with your payments
    •      Would you like to keep your home and never pay another mortgage payment
    •         Have you filed or are you considering filing for bankruptcy on the advice of an Attorney
    •       Were the foreclosure papers served upon someone other than the borrower
    •    Does your lender pretend to have ‘lost your Note’ 
    •    Is your original lender Bankrupt



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